Day 1 and an Announcement

I toyed with the idea of doing a fitness competition earlier in the year and decided against it for multiple reasons. However, my desire to challenge myself and try something new, something that I know would be tough for me to acheive, outweighs all that. So… I’ve decided to give it a go and have signed up for my first show in March! March 21 to be exact… put it on your calendar so you’ll know when to avoid me the week before… 😉

What comes with this show prep is lots of meal prep (and even more clean up after the meal prep, ugh). shouldn’t be a problem since I love meals so much right? ha! not just any meals – clean eating meals. something I have NEVER been able to stick to, regardless of how “healthy” everybody thinks I am. See the thing is, I love working out and being active and I’ve been blessed with pretty good genetics where I can maintain a decently fit figure without watching my diet too much. However, that does not mean that someone is healthy. and I am living proof of that. I just like snack food and have no willpower. So part of this journey for me will be having some actual accountability with what all I put into my body. starting today!

so to get ready for this week, I spent entirely too many hours in the kitchen last night cooking a variety of goodies, namely chicken, ground turkey, brown rice, sweet potatoes, spaghetti squash, roasted veggies, oatmeal, egg whites and high protein french toast! that’s right, I said it – french toast! See the thing is, the food is actually quite tasty – it’s not that it’s bad food – it’s just that I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I almost started to hyperventilate when I didn’t see NUT BUTTER or froyo on the meal plan!!!! So what is on the meal plan? Well, for the next 2 weeks, I am on a cycle of 1 low carb day, 2 high carb days, 1 low carb day, 2 high carb, etc. And even on the low carb day I still get to eat carbs – whoohoo! and it’s a lot of food! It’s 5:00 now and I’ve already eaten 5 meals… 2 more to go before the night is over. It was a struggle at my desk at work today when I realllllyyyyyy wanted some peanuts or something snacky but I resisted the urge and ate by chicken, sweet potato and veggies instead. I wanted something fruity/gummy earlier like starburst or fruit snacks but ended up “settling” for turkey and veggies and blackberries and a banana and was actually very satiated by it! more so than I thought I would be.

But the best part? Getting to blend coconut oil in my coffee each morning! I know, I know, go ahead and call me crazy, but I’m tellin ya – it is good stuff; don’t knock it till you try it. Sounds crazy to put OIL in COFFEE right? WRONG. But the key is you HAVE to blend it for at least 30 seconds. You can’t just dump a tablespoon of oil into your coffee and stir it around. well, you could, but that would be gross. eww. Brew your coffee, then blend 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in it for 30-45 seconds while hot. I like to add cinnamon and stevia and alittle vanilla. It comes out frothy and creamy and rich just like you’ve added sweetened cream to it! It’s amazing, really. I haven’t tried it with any other types of oils other than coconut oil, nor would I, so I can’t vouch for any other types of oil but the coconut oil is delish! Try it and let me know what you think!

Heading over to my parent’s house for dinner tonight so will be taking my prepped ground turkey and rice with me! However, I do want to point out that while I want to do this well and I want to give it my all, I will not let it consume my life, nor will I ever let it become more of a priority than spending quality time with my loved ones. Today is Day 1 so I’m feelin strong 🙂 but I want to remain flexible and still be able to go out with friends, have family dinners, eat out at a restaurant without causing a big scene… afterall, it’s just one meal right?

and speaking of meals, I think it’s about time for #6 haha! gotta go – chicken awaits me. more tomorrow!


Back to Blogging

It’s been a while since my last post. However I have really, really missed writing. The past few weeks I have kept telling myself that I would get back into it and start writing again, but every night just seemed to pass by too quickly or I was too tired and just unmotivated to do it. But tonight something changed.

I received some pretty hard-to-hear news tonight and it changed my perspective on everything. Who cares what we are having for Thanksgiving on Thursday? Who cares what I ate today or any other day of the year? and who cares if you have to stay up an extra hour later so you can read or write or sing or do whatever creative outlet you find satisfying…? Because really, in the bigger scheme of things that we call LIFE, none of this stuff matters. What matters is how you spend your days and who you are spending them with (and yes, I know I am ending this sentence with a prepositional phrase and as much as the grammatical editing nazi in me wants to fix it, I’m too tired and honestly I really don’t even care! remember: we are focusing on the bigger things in life now)

So, while I am not going to go into detail about the news I received tonight, I will tell you that it has inspired me to do something that I probably wouldn’t be able to do otherwise.  On December 14, I am going to run a full marathon (with really NO training, pre-planning on preparation being that I am starting my “training” um… er…. tomorrow? hopefully) in honor of and in dedication to my dad.

I grew up watching him get out of bed each morning to run around the neighborhood while it was still dark and we spent many of our family trips traveling around to cheer for him in marathons and triathlons. As much fun as I had rooting for him, I never had any interest in participating with him or taking part in any of his fitness shenanigans. and now that I’ve come to a point in my life where I really enjoy being physically active and would love nothing more than to get to run a race together one day, my dad is no longer involved in any sort of race or sporting event.

BUT, he is my biggest cheerleader and encourager (mom you are great too!!!!) and I would love nothing more than to get to run a full marathon dedicated to him.

SO… while I’ve been debating on what to blog about the past few days, I think now I know – and I will use this as an avenue to try to track my progress, record my thoughts, verbalize my struggles, and hopefully get to share my successes with you all too! So please, keep me accountable – I’ve got a marathon to get ready for in 2.5 weeks!?!!

We can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us right????? Let’s do this baby!!!

Day 4.5

I always thought it was a load of crock when people said things like “ever since I cut out refined carbs and sugars I feel sooo much better” and “I can tell such a big difference since I stopped eating processed foods.” blah blah blah blah blah. yeah right.

However, I am slowly coming to realize that there is actual truth in the saying “you are what you eat.” Tonight after eating (and drinking) tons of junk I felt terrible! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I had a blast and don’t feel guilty about it or anything, but physically i could really tell a difference in how poorly I felt compared to how I’ve felt the past few nights. I do okay until I get some drinks in me – then usually the diet goes wayyyy downhill from there. I started out this morning with some awesome homemade whole wheat banana muffins, a glass of almond milk, and some coffee I took with me on the road.

But once I hit the lake house my clean eating plan went WAY out the window. But hey, it’s okay – it was one of my best friend’s bachelorette parties, a fun day with some great girls, and tomorrow I’ll get right back on it. I am learning that this really is a lifestyle, not a fad of sorts, and in life you are going to have changes, curve balls and special occasions that call for you to honor the people you’re with, do the things that bring them joy, and put their needs / wants before yours – which is exactly what I did tonight! (although shouldn’t we all be doing this on a regular basis anyways? putting others above ourselves??)

So tonight’s post is going to be photo driven and we’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Picture’s worth how many words again? 


The view from our back deck – it was beautiful when it rained!

ImageMY FAVORITE CANDY EVER!!!!! (note the before and after picture of these babies. all me.)Image

Homemade popcorn!Image

Some sort of delicious cheesy ham roll up – made with one of the many wonders of this world – crescent rolls. they make everything better.Image


Pizza makingImageImage


Pizza eating! Saved the best part for last – the crust!Image


A green cup just for me! my favorite color!Image

Bride-2-B & MeImage



Evidence. So bad yet sooo good.Image


Played some killer board game!Image

Trying on all the fun presents!Image


Day 3 – strugglin’

Today wasn’t quite as easy. and I really don’t even feel like blogging, but I made a commitment to do it each day so here I am… I’m leaving in the morning to go out of town for the weekend so the hubs wants to hang out together tonight so this will be a short posting anyways.

I have felt crappy all day long. Not sure if I am getting sick or just going through withdrawals or what, but I woke up this morning with a sore throat and feeling terrible. Usually in the mornings I get up and go to the gym, work out, shower and eat breakfast and feel great starting the day – so it could be that I was strugglin’ this morning since I didn’t do my usual “wake up” routine of gym, shower, food. And even though I got more sleep last night than usual, I have felt tired all. day. long. But, enough complaining – moving on…

Breakfast – We had a birthday celebration at work today for some of my work colleagues. Usually it is pretty hard to eat clean at social functions but there was lots of fresh fruit and I had already eaten eggs and hot tea at the house, so I had 2 bowls of fruit and enjoyed the time with my work buddies. Around 11 or so my throat was still really bothering me so I fixed a cup of coffee but couldn’t forgo the cream in it this time. I was really wanting something smooth and creamy thinking it might make my throat feel better. Was a little hungry so had some mixed nuts to hold me over.

Lunch – was on the go (shocker I know). I made a Starbucks knockoff with whole wheat english muffin, double egg whites, turkey bacon, and gouda cheese – check out the size of the sandwich – it is huge!

photo 1-2

Snack time – Yep, that’s right – I ate some froyo. not as much as I usually do/did, but I justified it because my throat was still killing me and the thought of something smooth & cool sounded refreshing and soothing to me. It was. and I really didn’t feel bad about it since I was able to eat it in moderation and only have a little bit which is a big improvement for me.

I came home and started packing everything or the weekend – only the necessities of course 🙂

photo 3-1

NOTE: Those panties are a present for the BRIDE-2-BE; we’re throwing her a lingerie shower while we’re there so that’s part of her present. the other part is wrapped and not for you to see! and the best part is the peanut M&Ms and Coconut M&Ms! Everyone that went to college with me knows me as the M&M fiend so they tend to show up in every excursion I am part of!!

I also made sure to pack some healthy snacks to take cause I know I’ll never survive otherwise! I was hoping to get to lay out some and play in the water at the lake but the weather is not looking so great 😦  but it will still be fun to catch up with some of my girlfriends and have some good downtime together.

photo 2

Dinner – I was kind of hungry and knew I wanted to eat something, but nothing really sounded good (which is RARE for me). I was/still am feeling bad so comfort food was about the only thing appealing to me. Peanut butter is always a go-to comfort food for me and luckily they have a natural kind that isn’t processed! So I had not one, but two bananas topped with peanut butter and a few handfuls of sunflower seeds. Was still wanting something salty & crispy though so had some corn chips and salsa left over from our mexican fiesta the other night. P.S. Did you know that Cinco De Mayo is one of my FAVORITE holidays???

photo 4-1


I reeaalllly wanted some chocolate, and even opened up the wrapper on this caramel turtle, but I put it back!! that’s right – another big accomplishment on my part. Who knew I actually had some self control and will power in me? Not me!! Now I must confess I did eat about 2 bites of my husband’s pizza – but hey, if it melts in your mouth it doesn’t count right?? right??

Speaking of “melting in your mouth,” Donny was in charge of some fundraiser at school where the kids were selling Krispy Kreme donuts. He had over 100 boxes of glazed donuts in his truck and I managed to restrain myself!! Who is this girl?!??



So all in all, other than feeling pretty blah all day long, it was a pretty good day with a few small strays but also some pretty good milestones. Now it’s time for a movie and some homemade popcorn! Hopefully I can make it through the bachelorette weekend without doing too much damage!

Day 2 down and done!

Day 2 – a success! I think the biggest shocker for me has been that I was able to drink my coffee black AND actually enjoy it – for the 2nd day in a row! That is HUGE for me! I always said I would never ever ever give up the cream and many people told me “you can learn to drink your coffee black” but I never had the desire to try. guess that shows you the power of self-control & sheer will power – actions really can change feelings and thoughts some times!

Nevertheless, I still want to try my hand at making homemade coffee creamer. I found this neat link that has all sorts of flavored homemade creamers that are non-dairy, no sugar, and made with all natural ingredients so I’m going to try some of those out next weekend.


Breakfast – Other than black coffee (white chocolate macadamia nut flavored no less), breakfast was 2 of the remaining banana pancakes topped with cottage cheese, cinnamon & no sugar maple syrup. I would have liked another one but only had 2 left over and had lots to do today so didn’t have time to make a whole new batch.

Lunch was left over chicken enchiladas from last night and my very own bowl full of guacamole! I used 1 whole avocado, fresh cilantro, green onions, garlic, salt, pepper, a few jalapeno and some fresh lime juice – here’s a picture of it before I mashed it all up. I thought all the green colors were really pretty! (i tell ya, it’s the little things in life…)

No chips, but I did top it with a couple scoops of sour cream and pretty much ate it straight out of the bowl and on top of my enchiladas.

photo 1-1

Then it was time to prep the dinner for my friend’s house tonight! I had slow roasted the pork all yesterday and let it refrigerate overnight so today all I had to do was shred it and make a homemade barbecue sauce to go with it. I also made this killer asian broccoli slaw and some Annie’s organic shells n cheese for the little ones (although I think the “big ones” liked it just as much if not more than the kids!)




photo 2-1


Later in the afternoon I went by BOTH froyo stores and, much to my amazement, was able to withhold from getting any icecream – another HUGE milestone for me! Since March 3 I have had frozen yogurt every – single – day. That’s pretty much 2 straight months of eating it on a daily basis, so to go 2 days without it is big for me!  Okay, now in all fairness, I did have 2 tiny sample cups of it, but that was work related (trying out new flavors) and not merely for pleasure. 🙂

And I’m happy to report I only had about 3/4 can of diet coke today so making some headway in that area as well.

Donny was supposed to have poker night tonight so I was planning on having an evening to myself while the boys played upstairs, but they ended up calling it off for some reason and he got home earlier than usual from football practice so we were able to have a nice dinner together. STEAK, sweet potatoes and baked potatoes (I had 1 sweet potato and half of Donny’s massive baked potato). I know we probably should have had some sort of vegetable with that but I didn’t feel like making a salad or another vegetable dish and Donny was perfectly happy with meat & potatoes, and so was I!

I was still a little “snacky” feeling after dinner though and REALLY wanted icecream. but I held strong. fixed a cup of hot chocolate using almond milk, cocoa powder & stevia and it satisfied my craving for sweet. but then when we decided to lounge around and watch a few episodes of Modern Family, my body was still craving a snack or sorts. Typically I would bring a bag of pretzels or goldfish or peanut M&Ms or some other delicious form of junk food in when we go to watch TV but uh… have you ever tried to “snack” on a salad or a bowl of fruit? yeah, not happening. So instead I had some gourmet cashews and peanuts that ended up being perfect.

(sidenote: I know that cashews are supposed to be the “premium” nut, but does anyone like good ole fashioned peanuts better? I would much rather have a handful of kettle cooked or dry roasted peanuts over cashews any day. anyways, just curious if I’m the only one who would select peanuts over cashews)

Recap: Day 2 was easier than I thought it would be. Feeling really good physically, but was a little tired today throughout the day, but that could just be because it’s Thursday and has been a long week. Overcame 2 big hurdles today and didn’t feel deprived at all. Oh, and did I mention the 10k Burpee Challenge to any of you? If not, I’ll write about it for you tomorrow! But today was also Day 2 of the challenge so my buddy Matt and I knocked out 55 burpees together this morning. Phew, been a long day but a good one. Goodnight all!!


Clean Eating Day 1 (for real this time)

Every accomplishment starts with a decision, a commitment, or at least a decision to try. Well I have all 3 going into this “challenge” and am hoping to come out feeling stronger, healthier and more accomplished. Who’s with me??!?? I actually have 2 challenges starting today but don’t want to overwhelm you all at once so we’ll stick to the clean eating plan for now.

Okay, so Day 1 = surprisingly easy! It could be because I decided to not cut out ALL my vices, but rather stick to just the clean eating portion. What I mean by that – still allowing myself to drink diet cokes (trying to limit it to 1 a day) and not eliminating all grains. I am just going to stick to WHOLE foods (including dairy – hooray!!), no added sugars, and nothing processed (basically anything with more than 5 ingredients). So perhaps it’s because I don’t feel as deprived going into this that has made it easier so far? Or perhaps it’s because it is only day 1 and the cravings are yet to come – ha! Either way, I felt great today! Want the meal plan for yourself? Here’s what it boiled down to – no pun intended 😉

Note: please excuse the low quality photos. I’m snapping these quickly with my iphone while trying not to inhale the food. Come on now, I have like 8 jobs, none of which include photographer and time is limited. maybe one day when I get some more time I can work on taking better photos.

Breakfast – pancakes made with eggs, protein powder, and bananas (you see how impatient I am? I couldn’t even get a photo in before taking a bite!!) I topped one of them with cottage cheese, cinnamon and a little bit of sugar free syrup, and spread the other one with peanut butter!

What happened to the 3rd one? Oh yeah, that would be the one I ate all by itself while I was fixing the other two 🙂

OH, and this is exciting and somewhat noteworthy I think! I drank (and actually enjoyed) BLACK COFFEE for the first time today! It’s strange, I’m not really sure what happened to cause this change, but I actually didn’t miss the creamer at all! (huge deal for me, but enough on this… moving on…)

photo 1


Lunch – I was making homemade chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight and wanted to make some fresh guacamole to go with it so lunch actually involved both of those things. Yesterday I cooked all my chicken in the crockpot and seasoned it with garlic, mexican seasonings,and chicken broth and cooked it all day long – it was so tender and juicy that it completely fell apart when I took it out of the crockpot (pictured below).

When I was shredding it for the enchiladas I couldn’t help myself and fixed me a bowl with the shredded chicken, fresh salsa, and of course guacamole! I also put a few tablespoons of sour cream on top – not necessarily a “health food” but all natural ingredients! not to mention i love sour cream. wish I didn’t but I do – I’m talking I used to dip tortilla chips in the stuff and just eat it all by itself like that!

photo 3

I don’t have a picture of the finished product enchiladas, but they must have been good because here’s an after shot!


Dinner – You’d think it was chicken enchiladas right? Nope! Not to confuse you, but this is somewhat complicated. I was taking dinner over to a friend’s house so took them the large dish of chicken enchiladas and fixed a smaller dish of it for me and Donny to have tomorrow night. I ended up staying at work kind of late and got hungry but didn’t have many options so ended up eating a half bag of baby carrots and a bowl of trail mix with nuts & raisins in it. It actually did keep me pretty satiated until I got home; I finished off the little bit of guacamole that was left (had a few corn tortilla chips to go with it; again, maybe not the “healthiest” but minimal ingredients and mostly all natural) and a few strawberries.

I also went ahead and prepped everything for dinner tomorrow night for my friend – my first time cooking a pork roast! See below for before, during and after shots. By the way, if any of you are ever interested in any of my recipes, OR me coming to cook for you or prepare meals for you, just ask – I’d love to share!




photo 2photo 4 photo 5


I did have 2 diet cokes at the office today; probably out of habit more than anything, but also because they go sooooo good with mixed nuts (or anything salty for that matter), but still not too shabby for me! I really did want something sweet tonight but the fresh strawberries seemed to fit the bill just right!

So, all in all, I consider day 1 a big success. Tomorrow will not be as easy as I will be spending time at BOTH yogurt stores – eek! Wish me luck!!

Accountability sucks

Okay, so even though I’m technically not going to jump start (or, rather RE-jump start) my attempt at clean eating until next week, I ate so much junk today that I feel like I need to document it JUST SO you can all see what a real struggle this will be for me and how hard it’s going to be for me to cut out junk.

Here’s the low down. So I’m working this world class golf tournament all week long and staying out at the renown Sage Valley Golf Club, i.e. AMAZING food. and lots of it. all the time. Breakfast was great with a freshly made omelet of eggs, ham, peppers & onions, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese (and coffee of course – with cream and sugar). Matter of fact it kept me full so long (and I was so busy) that I didn’t even eat lunch until around 2:30.

Lunch consisted of salad, southern fried chicken, a slice of prime rib, braised cabbage, and half a pork chop with sauteed peppers and onions. I was actually pretty proud of myself for eating so much meat opposed to the opting for all the mashed potatoes, pasta, etc. So I was feelin good until it hit… that ever-so-strong craving for something sweet. and man does Sage deliver when it comes to sweets. very decadent ones.


I decided I’d have a chocolate chip cookie and be good, but then I saw oatmeal raisin, heath toffee bar cookies, and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies – oh my! what ever shall I do? eat one of each of course!! Okay, so 4 cookies, no big deal, move on.

and move on I did – to dinner and dessert – ha! We had a catered dinner for the kids at the Hunt Lodge that consisted of chicken fingers, tater tot casserole, broccoli, baked beans, mac n cheese, coleslaw… need I go on? So yes, of course I tried a little of all of it (home girl won’t ever miss a meal!). but the BEST part was the… duh, dessert. It was a Haggendaz ice cream bar with all the toppings! I was in heaven! Had 3 big scoops and coated it with chocolate syrup, cherries, sprinkles, wet walnuts (holla Kim!!), and home made whipped cream. and I ate every. single. bite.

So then I thought it was time to go back to the clubhouse and go to bed but turns out hubby came and surprised me so of course we had to get him some dinner and dessert too! so I took it upon myself to ALSO eat his 2 cookies that he didn’t finish. and the Hershey’s chocolate bar I had in my bag. (note: I always carry snacks with me. if you ever see me out – anywhere – gaurantee I have some goodies in my bag) and I’ll share too!

except for tonight. I think in total I had 6 or 7 cookies today (HUGE ones to boot!), 3 scoops of icecream (with all the works of course), a King size Hershey’s bar and then, since I had eaten so many sweets felt the need for something salty so polished off a bag of pretzels and peanuts and finally called it a night.

SOOO… all that to say, I’m not proud of this by any means, but it’s obvious that making a healthy lifestyle change for me is going to be a HUGE obstable and not easy to do. I also think that everyone always assumes that “small” people must not eat and that is just NOT the case. So I am determined to do better and to start fresh on the 1st, but I will definitely need you all to help keep me accountable! Now, time to crash after all this sugar but I just felt the need to document this before I called it a night.

and I’m spent.

What is today anyways?

Okay guys, seriously, I am so off track right now I feel like I might as well just start back over. You may have noticed that I hardly blogged this weekend at all… there’s a reason for that. I didn’t want to admit all the junk that I had eaten! And today was really no better. But then around 7:15 this evening my cousin (who lives in Missouri that I get to see about once / year) sent me a text message that said she was enjoying reading my blog and I had inspired her with my clean eating attempt! HA! Attempt was a very accurate word choice. Because I think I have failed miserably at it so far. BUT, one thing it has done is opened up my eyes to how many bad habits I have and how hard those are to change. I mean, it has been very very VERY hard for me to give up processed foods for just ONE day, much less 29 more. I think I’ve only actually gone 1 full day as such. Now granted I am doing better eating more fruits & veggies, but I had no idea how much processed food I consumed and how ingrained it was in my every life. So, even though I really don’t want to spill the beans about all the “damage” I’ve done, I am motivated by my cousin’s text and others out there like her. So, onward & upward we go…

Breakfast today: a homemade concoction of chia seeds, oats, almond milk, vanilla extract, & fresh papaya and mango (left over from my mango & papaya tutorial for those of you that read that post). Have you heard of chia seeds? While they are an ancient food they are relatively new on the health scene. They are so cool though!! and loaded with protein and nutrients. When you let them soak in liquid of any kind they soak it up and expand and grow! So I found this neat recipe for “overnight oats in a jar” where you mix everything together in… yep, you guessed it – a jar – and let them sit in the fridge overnight and in the  morning you have this thick, hearty, creamy oatmeal type porridge! (Does anyone use the word porridge nowadays other than grandparents???)

photo 3

I was still hungry so I also made a protein shake with my new Peanut Butter Banana protein powder from Nutri-Shop mixed with some almond milk. The almond milk always makes it so creamy & frothy – I love it! P.S. if you are not a fan of how protein drinks normally taste and are therefore hesitant to buy a huge container of it, go to Nutrishop in Evans and they will let you taste anything before you buy it!

Lunch: not a “real” lunch if you will, but it was definitely tasty and filling! I helped open the Yotopia Augusta store and one of the things we do once we have all the yogurt ready to serve is go down the aisle and do a consistency check on each flavor, i.e. get to taste samples from 16 different froyo machines! Can you believe I get paid to do this?!?? 🙂

Snacks: I got hungry around 4 and had a few handfuls of mixed nuts. Then Donny and I went down to the Master’s Mayor Reception downtown where they had 40+ food vendors giving out samples of food. Note: If you are claustrophobic, do NOT attend this event. It was too crowded and chaotic for us to stay long, but we managed to make it through the Crazy Turks tent where I got some hummus w/ pita, pasta salad, and a slice of cheese pizza. I was pretty set for the night thinking that was dinner until Donny asked where I wanted to go eat! And if you know me, you know I don’t ever turn down a meal haha. So to Which Wich we went. (wow, that was a lot of w’s).

Dinner (don’t worry, there will be a 2nd Snack category after this one): Which Wich is a really neat concept – similar to a Subway / Moe’s hybrid. The weather was really nice so we decided to eat outside and split an Italian Sub (pictured) and a Turkey Avocado sub (my favorite). If you haven’t been there yet, I recommend the food but also recommend you go when you have some time to wait as they are not nearly as fast as Subway or Moe’s.

italian sub photo 5

Snacks – part 2: So for some reason I could not get full tonight. Do you ever have those days where you feel like you just keep eating and eating and can’t get satiated? Yeah that was today for me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat a “proper” lunch? Who knows, but when I got home I polished off the rest of the sub (keep in mind the whole pre-dinner meal we ate downtown at the commons) and was wanting something sweet. I was trying to be good and not go for the junk I normally go for, so I fixed another protein shake with a frozen banana, vanilla protein powder & almond milk. It was good, but not good enough. so I did what every dignified palette would do… I added BISCOFF!! That made it so much better that I then felt the need to just eat biscoff! by the spoonful at first. but then it needed something cold & creamy to go with it, and my shake was already gone, so I pulled out the icecream thinking I’d just have a few spoonfuls of it. um, yeah, who can EVER just have a few spoonfuls of icecream? Not this girl! So by the time the icecream only had a few bites left in the container anyways, I figured I might as well finish it up so it would be gone and I wouldn’t be tempted tomorrow. good justification right? Seriously, i think they lace this stuff with crack it is so addictingly good.

biscoff baby

but how many of you feel the need to eat something salty after you eat something sweet? yes, the saga continues. Ice cream – gone. Biscoff – put up. Leftover Easter basket yogurt-covered-pretzels from Fresh Market – sitting on counter staring at me. Well, not anymore. they were – until I polished those off too. Okay, sooo… all in all, not a good day for clean eating. But I can tell you that I definitely do feel different on the days I eat clean vs. those that I don’t. While it is not nearly as much fun eating healthy all day long, I really do feel better going to bed each night knowing that I’ve filled my body up with good & healthy ingredients vs. sugary, salty, fatty (albeit tasty) ingredients. So my quest continues and I will persevere…

Thanks for  keeping me accountable and please continue to do so!!!